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Anonymous asked: You once said we love in a class society that reproduces social class in the school system. Can you please Elaborate more on that? I could figure out how.


It’s really too complex for me to explain in just a few sentences but basically people who are of lower or working class have disadvantages already in their first day of school compared to middle or higher classes. Parents of kids from the higher classes have significantly higher social, cultural and economic capital and pass that on to their kids together with the knowledge they have inherited from their parents. For instance parents of the higher classes are more likely to be able to help their children with homework and other things of that nature. So the school system is kind of unjust in that sense since kids of the higher classes have this head start and the lower class kids become stigmatized and labelled as the less intelligent kids. And this pattern just continues throughout the students’ lives and will be reproduced when these students grow up and eventually start their own families (if said students don’t manage to climb the social ladder), that’s why it’s called a reproduction.